• coordinate firefighters' qualifications
  • maintain cooperator agreements
  • maintain fire records
  • websites for wildland fire crews/depts
  • coordination between state forestry and depts
  • wildland protocol books
  • online supplemental/refresher courses



  • preplanning and vegetation management plans
  • assistance with grants
  • administration of grants
  • coordination with agencies/communities
  • private land mitigation
  • post-fire cleanup/rehab



  • community meeting facilitation 
  • design and distribution of educational materials
  • public websites and hosting
  • parcel-level wildland hazard assessments
  • educational and informational websites
  • mapping and preplans


wildland prevention and coordination


facWildland Firefighter Foundation   Please donate to these folks,  they support the families of every wildland firefighter killed or injured


fire service support llc is a small business dedicated to aiding agencies and community associations with wildland fire prevention and preparedness.  Working with Forest Guild, we are a proud participant in Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network, a federal pilot project dedicated to sharing and collaborating in wildland fire prevention and education. 



Proud member of the Wildland Firefighter Foundation

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